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ADA Bathroom: Your Brief Guide

ADA Bathroom: Your Brief Guide

The ADA bathroom refers to the guidelines established by The American with Disabilities Act, in which regulating the construction and compliance of bathrooms. In order to follow the guidelines, the ADA bathroom layout needs to pay attention to some important details, such as the space requirement, grab bars, and towel bars.

What Is ADA Bathroom?

Generally speaking, the ADA bathroomstates the guidelines to follow during the whole construction and installation process. Just be sure to always strictly consult with ADA for other guidelines and required applications. Remember that the grab bars aren’t to be replaced by towel bars. Besides, the handrail for the grab bar needs to be anchored fully with a smooth, easy-to-grab surface. There’s also a separation between the surface and grab bar that is a must. Besides, the bars must have round edges for security.

In general, the minimum dimensions of 30 x 48” are the minimum requirement for a clear space. It’s to accommodate a wheelchair. Remember the space has to be designed for a parallel or forward approach to the equipment. The bathroom should also allow a wheelchair to freely rotate inside—a diameter of 60” in minimum is needed for a 180-degree turn. The clear space in an ADA bathroom should be computed underneath fixtures too.

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