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Day Bed for Kids Bedroom for Seating and Sleeping

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Plenty of parents put day bed in their kids bedroom so their kids can use it for sleeping and for seating. The other parents use day bed inside childrens bedroom because of another reason, that the day bed has storage space under the bed that allows the kids to store their toys. Day bed comes in several designs. The basic one has twin sized mattress and is completed with sides and back resembles couch.

Available Options of Day BedFrame and Mattress

Compared to twin beds, day bedis higher. Besides, the design of day bed allows us to place it against the wall. Usually, the mattress that is used to complement a day bed is the twin sized. This day bed with mattress in twin size is for single user. When youre looking for a new day bed, you must evaluate the materials that are used to make the frame. Some daybeds are made from metal while the other else are made from wood. Some others are made from combination between metal and wood. The other daybeds are even upholstered. Since we can use daybed as sofa, we must find daybed that the mattress is able to keep us feel comfortable when we sit and sleep on the day bed.

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