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Decorative Wall Shelves in Three Wonderful Designs

decorative black wall shelves

For rooms with limited space where the floor cannot accommodate cabinets, decorative wall shelves are needed. So many types of shelving can be mounted on the wall. Those wall shelves help us saving the spaces on our floor while providing spaces to store our stuff on the wall. About wall shelves, there are at least three types of wall shelving. You’ll find the three types below.

Three Wonderful DecorativeWall ShelvesIdeas for Small Rooms

First type of awesome decorative wall shelves for small rooms is the standard shelving. This standard wall mounted shelving has bracket that is going to attach the shelving to wall. We will see the bracket under the wall shelving. Floating wall shelving is the next type of wall shelving. This second type of shelving looks like the shelving is floating on our wall. The brackets of this shelving are hidden so be careful when you place heavy stuffs on floating wall shelving.

Finally, there is corner wall shelving. This corner wall shelving is like the free standing shelving that is designed for corners of rooms. Corner wall shelving has ninety degree angle, this angle allows corner wall shelving to fit the corner of the room. Which one between the three types of decorative wall shelvesyou will install on your wall.

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