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Designer Simplifies A Couple’s Beach House Minimalist Decor

[caption id="attachment_3093" align="alignnone" width="300"]Designer Designer[/caption] If the anchor motifs, breton stripes and sailor-rope are the only things that come to mind when you think of beach house decor, think again! Whether you believe it or not, a nautical theme is a prerequisite for their oceanside is not retreat — in fact, they have a contemporary approach to the usual sailor-style can be classic and glamorous.In the redesign of a Hamptons house owned by a young New York couple, an interior designer, Tamara Magel didn't know that full-on nautical was the way to go. The stylish couple wanted to be your second home to be as modern and sophisticated as your Manhattan apartment. She was in the situation, the simplification of the spacious waterside home by working with a neutral color scheme and the adding of dramatic ocean-inspired elements in. Tour the house and find out how to recreate this truly minimalist shore-style. minimalist hamptons 1. Download The Nature The best way to get the balance of clean lines and contemporary furniture, is by adding unique natural elements. "I don't know how to look for a house and not be touched from the outside," says Magel. In the living room, she brought in a custom soapstone fireplace, and apparatus Studio, Ross hair wall lamps on both sides. Instead of only working with stone, added to the Venetian plaster above the fireplace. Wood stumps and Aviator hood from chairs accentuate the Outdoor atmosphere for any beach house. minimalist hamptons 2. Not afraid Of color Minimalism does not always mean white. According to Magel, with blue on the walls gives the contemporary holiday to a warm, seaside atmosphere. Another way to cozy up an otherwise stark space is by adding furniture and decor in shades of brown. Here they used a leather recliner, blankets and pillows from home, the nature. minimalist hamptons 3. Using Wood And Steel As A Free Combo While your kitchen may not always be the clean, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances are a great way to have the minimalist design to maintain the home. The Circa-lighting-pendants over the island perfectly with the devices as you want, stylish bar stools. It is equipped with the exposed beams and wooden floors, the floor in this room and give it some earthy context. 4. You Can Opt For A Pair Of Beachy Statement Pieces Whether ocean-inspired artwork, or a rope-like light, adding a bit of drama, a discreet room is the best way to live, decorate luxury, beach. The blue and white contemporary paintings add to the home to the coastal feel without overwhelming the space. "The beach-artwork makes it casual, but refined, and maybe even a little glamorous," says Magel. Of the apparatus, the Lasso light is a subtle nod to the nautical theme, while still a very chic place to dine. minimalist hamptons 5. To Add Texture...And Lots Of It The beach has a variety of textures, such as sand, water, driftwood, and your oceanside home. You cannot be afraid to play with the pairings that you are not attracted normally, such as wood and knit goods. "The textures are a way to be interesting, without a shock," she says. Mix it with a few larger pieces (like Elizabeth Dow stump or the pom-pom light fixture to the ceiling), and then take on some of the smaller details (such as Ochre horn handles on the custom white oak end tables).

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