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Short Bob Hairstyles and DIY Styling Tips

short bob hairstyles for women

The short bob hairstyles are always one style that will never go out of style. This hairstyle is also very versatile as you can find both short bob hairstyles for thin hair and ones for wavy hair, for example. Many celebs have proven how this hairstyle also worth having to rock the red carpets and formal events.

Tips for Short Bob Hairstyles

Turns out, these three things are enough to pull off your short bob hairstyles. With the effortlessly stylish look that makes short bob truly fabulous, you may not need to use dryer at all—depending on the type of hair you have. Air-drying, in fact, is what makes short bob truly modern, even though you may prefer blowing dry the top a little bit.

This is also the reason why ‘less is more’ is the right way with short bob hairstyle. Rather than using too much product which may make the style overdone, keeping it minimal will always do. Simply mist your dry hair and crunch it for a tousled look—perfect for a beachy and wavy bob hairstyle, right? And last but not least, when you use heat tools, use them wisely. For short bob hairstyles if you work with second day hair, a flat iron used as a straightener will add extra boost you need.

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